so, today, I took:

my chicken wire sign (I got mine from little blue house in keller, tx)

4 sheets of patterned halloween paper, 4 sheets of matching card stock, and matching chipboard stickers (I choose mischievous from my mind’s eye)

twine and 3 metal clips

8 halloween pictures

and I made this:

wanna make one too?  here is what you will need

  • chicken wire frame
  • 4 sheets of patterned halloween paper
  • 4 sheets of matching card stock
  • matching chipboard stickers
  • 26″ of twine and 2 additional 10″ pieces of twine (if you want to put your trick and treat on twine, I put mine on blue yarn) and additional twine for the buttons if you want
  • 3 metal clips or mini clothespins
  • 8 (3″X5″) halloween pictures (this works best if you have 5 portrait pics and 3 landscape pics, but whatever you have will work)
  • paper trimmer
  • paper distressor
  • adhesive
  • black soot distress ink
  • white hole reinforcers (from the office supply store)
  • hole punch

here is what you do:

    1. crop all 8 of your pictures, (you will need them as small as possible, so crop out as much of the background as you can).

    1. mat the 3 pictures you want to hang from the metal clips (or clothespins) with the card stock and embellish as you want.
    2. cut the banner tags from the patterned paper.  I cut most of mine 3 1/2″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall (you will need to make sure that your pictures, matted or embellished, will fit on them).
    3. make a dot on the back of each banner tag in the middle of the width and 1″ up from the bottom.  cut a diagonal line from each bottom corner to the dot, so you will have the points at the bottom on the tag.
    4. distress each tag and ink with the black soot distress ink.
    5. mat the pictures you want to mat with the card stock.  adhere the pictures and embellishments to each tag.

    1. punch 2 holes in the top of each tag (use my cropadile and line up the corner with the guide on the cropadile so each tag will be identical, but I’m a little OCD).  on the back of each tag, adhere the reinforcers to around the holes you just punched.
    2. if you want to do the “trick or treat” like mine, you will need to cut 11 pieces of orange card stock that are 1 1/4″ tall and 1/2″ wide.  take your 2 10″ pieces of twine or blue ribbon and starting at the bottom attach “trick” to one piece and “treat” to the other, leaving adequate space for the orange card stock matting (you will have quite a but twine (or ribbon) left at the top, but you will need that to tie it on.  adhere the orange card stock behind all the letters in “trick” and “treat”.

    1. lay out your tags to make sure that they will all fit on your sign (mine is 22″ on the inside).
    2. tie one end of you 26″ piece of twine to the upper left-hand corner of the chicken wire in the frame.

  1. string you tags onto the twine with the twine going on the back side of the tag.  once you get all the tags strung, adjust the layout of your tags and the tightness (or swag) of the twine and tie the end of the twine on the upper right-hand corner of the chicken wire in the frame.  trim the ends of the twine if necessary.
  2. tie your “trick” and “treat” onto the twine and trim the ends of the twine (or ribbon) the letters are hanging on.
  3. adhere the “or” to the twine and mat behind the twine with the orange card stock.
  4. attach the 3 metal clips and you are done, all that is left is to hang your masterpiece!